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Marketing Subscription Terms & Conditions

Pay a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription fee (pricing dependent on package).

No exclusive marketing contracts

All our property owners who are using our subscription marketing packages are free to promote their property on their own social media, or other platforms.

We do ask if you can communicate with us where else you are marketing your property, so we can avoid duplicated listings and ensure marketing messaging is consistent across the board. 

Central booking system

All properties are added onto our central guest booking system. This avoids any duplicate bookings and works as a central calendar, so our marketing team can easily see dates which need to be prioritised and advertised. 

If you have any direct bookings, we kindly ask that you notify us, so we can add any additional booked dates to our calendar. 

Guest communication

Through our marketing subscription services, potential and confirmed guests will contact property owners directly. Guest communication will be handled directly by property owners. 

If you would prefer for our guest management team to handle and manage all guests enquiries, check-in/check-out communication and queries. You may be interested in our full management services.

Upgrades or downgrades

Packages can be upgraded or downgraded with 30 days notice in writing. 

Subscription packages will automatically renew. 


Automatic renewal can be cancelled with 30 days notice in writing. 


Huluki will take a 12% commission on all confirmed bookings.

If you qualified for the launch offer, Huluki will take a 10% commission on all confirmed bookings for the first 12 months.

Booking cancellations will be refunded.

Owner booking payments are processed by the 9th of each calendar month for bookings that check out within the previous month.


Professional photography is up to a maximum value of £150 and if you subscribe for a total of 12 months. Photography is included in our Gold membership package, and owners are free to use their professional photography wherever they choose.

Money-back guarantee

If you receive no bookings through us from March to September, we will refund your subscription, unless the issue is due to the property management.

Onboarding Fee

You might have to pay a one-time onboarding fee to cover the costs of getting everything set up for your booking. This includes the initial property visit, security checks and professional photography, in case high-quality pictures haven’t been taken for the property before.

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